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Tooth Whitening

This is the removal of stains from either the inside or the outside of a tooth, by the application of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to the tooth surface.

Tooth whitening is completely harmless and can be done at any age. The whitening or bleaching process can work on all natural teeth, although the degree of whitening and the speed of whitening depend upon the initial colour of the teeth. All man-made materials such as crowns, veneers and fillings do not whiten, but other options can be discussed with your dentist to give you that perfect smile.

In most cases the whitening process is completely painless. However it can cause temporary sensitivity in some people. This can be alleviated with the use of desensitising toothpastes or a product we sell at the practice called Tooth Mousse.

The whitening lasts up to three years, gradually diminishing over time. However it can easily be “topped up” at home.

There are two types of whitening available to our patients:

Smiling woman mouth with great teeth. Over white background1. At Home Whitening

  • Custom fit trays are made for each individual patient.
  • Inside each tray we apply a gel to the surface of the tooth for at least 2 hours per day which whitens the teeth gradually.
  • The more often you wear the trays the faster the teeth will whiten.
  • At the end of treatment keep the trays so that you can use them to top up the whitening months/years later.

2. Zoom Power Whitening

  • zoomThis process is done within the practice.
  • We whiten the teeth from start to finish in the dental chair.
  • It uses a stronger gel than with home whitening and so can make the teeth slightly more sensitive but this is still only temporary.
  • Trays can be provided for those that wish to “top up” also after treatment.
  • This method is ideal if you have an important event to go to and want whiter teeth for it.

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It is essential that you have regular Dental Check-Ups prior to tooth whitening to check that you do not have any tooth decay present.

We offer a no-obligation  Cosmetic Consultation

This is a no-obligation, comprehensive oral examination which results in the production of a fully-costed individual plan for your Tooth Whitening treatment. Click HERE to book